Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Precision Planting HQ

23207 Townline Rd, Tremont IL 61568

5:30 AM - 8:00 PM

Important Announcement:
Ideal Farming Solutions is excited to change things up this year as we are going to be sending a charter coach down to Precision Planting's Winter Conference on January 22nd!  We are always trying to bring something new and different to offer our customers, so this year instead of our own winter meeting we will be taking you down to the experts at Precision HQ in Tremont IL.  Fellowship with your peers, great food, and much more will be on tap that day. If you've never been to Winter Conference - you will not be disappointed! It is a great multi media presentation. This is an interactive experience not to be missed.....
You can see the highlighted session topics below. We think these will be very valuable to you as we gear up for 2020, to see what is here, AND on the horizon from Precision Planting as they draw back the curtain.  The theme for the conference will be agronomy and education based data drawing upon their new project PTI farm research station at Pontiac, IL. You will be able to talk with staff agronomists, and engineers to get your questions/concerns answered one on one. Truly a great opportunity not to miss.....
Tentative plan is to leave by 5:30am from the shop, 20400 Ideal Rd Chadwick IL 61014, so we can make it down for registration and the first session. Other pick up points TBDWe want to get you registered as soon as possible as spots for this will go fast.  Winter Conference seats usually sell out.   We will be returning to shop approximately 5:30pm.

PTI Farm Research and Results - Jason Webster
-Projects underway at the PTI farm
-Research results from the previous year
Managing soil density to maximize the seed's opportunity - Doug Wiegand and Will Frank
- Soil density impacts moisture retention and root development, no matter the crop.  Seeders and Planters need to be managed to leave a consistent and correct soil density to allow the young seedling and the mature plant the opportunity to thrive.
Moisture, Environment, and Emergence - Justin McMenamy and Troy Endress
 - The seed environment plays a large role in the yield of that plant.  Moisture, temperature, lack of residue, are all important factors in how the seed spends it's first few weeks. Updates on SmartDepth and Stories of decisions made while using SmartFirmer
Managing soil fertility and nutrition - Cory Muhlbauer
- Band nutrients, shift 50% of fall P to planter applied starter, split apply N in Season, use zones to manage your fields.  Fertility and zone management research
Planter Pitfalls that Cause Technology to Fail - Troy McKown and Matt Bennett
- The most technology-heavy planter will fail if basic maintenance and planter operations are not understood and taken care of.  How to ensure technology works for you by taking care of the basics.  Furrow Creation, maintenance, etc.